Under desk4 tools you will find the functions to create a backup, but also to import articles, customers or suppliers. Text modules are managed here and the inventory is prepared. [...]Read [...]

desk4 has very extensive and individually adjustable settings like hardly any other system. In the basic settings start numbers, prefixes, pre- and post texts, language, control keys such as SKR3 or SKR4 are predefined. [...]

In desk4 you will find the basic configuration for article management. Here you enter the basic settings for products and services, such as item properties, item groups, weight units, storage locations, units of measure, [...]

With desk4 employee management, you can manage rights on employee or group level. Access by an employee in a store or which articles a representative is allowed to see are also part of administration. [...]Read [...]

With the desk4 setting for branches, agents and franchise, you have a control to determine and define articles, prices and customers for the agents or branches. Several shops must also be managed centrally. [...]Read [...]

Take your old ERP data with you! In desk4 we have created a great tool for transferring data from your old ERP system. No matter whether you want to transfer customer, supplier or article data, you can import the exported [...]