Under desk4 tools you will find the functions to create a backup, but also to import articles, customers or suppliers. Text modules are managed here and the inventory is prepared. […]

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Tools include tools for your personal backups, import and export functions, text module management and stock Taking.

During the creation of backups, all data is combined in a Zip archive and stored on the server. The files stored on the desk4 server must then be downloaded to your local computer or a backup medium. Such a backup should be done daily and saved on a separate server or PC. As an additional module you can also put the data backup in our hands. With the “Backup + Cloud storage” module, all your data is automatically backed up to a separate storage facility on a daily basis.

The text modules are used to create phrase texts or complete email texts, which you can copy at any point using a text selection. Thus it is very easy to select an accompanying text for an email and not to write it again and again.