With the desk4 return, goods that have already been delivered are sent back to your supplier. This process is required when defective or returned items are returned. Here, too, stock levels are corrected. […]

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Capture returns

Orders from your suppliers do not always meet expectations, are delivered defective or simply do not meet the specifications described, making it necessary to return items to your supplier. At this point it is important to make a chronological sequence of a return traceable and reproducible. When returning defective goods, you can describe and document the defect exactly in the additional article text. This additional text is then only part of the return document and has no influence on the item description. In desk4, a return delivery is usually taken from an incoming invoice or a goods receipt and created, warehouse stocks are corrected and a return delivery note is printed for the vendor. A later posting can be created by the credit memo from your vendor. This credit note is also relevant for the transfer to your tax consultant via DATEV.