Purchase orders

You can use the Purchase Order function to request goods and services from your vendors, whether order-related directly for a customer or goods for your internal warehouses or several articles for a third-party business.

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Orders from suppliers

The basis for the delivery of goods and services by your supplier, wholesaler or manufacturer is to be represented in desk4 ERP by the ordering process in purchasing. If you receive an order from your customer, items not in stock can be requested directly from the individual suppliers. In daily business, an order is often requested by telephone to achieve even better purchase prices. In this case, too, you create all postings in your desk4 Cloud merchandise management system to trigger subsequent automation of the subsequent processes. If goods are required for a sales order, the quantity is also recorded by the desk4 merchandise management system. The purchaser can then place a purchase order with the relevant vendor. Of course, you can also order for your own warehouse or shop and book it on receipt of goods. This process is created in desk4 for each supplier, printed out or sent by email to the person responsible. A purchase order remains open until the last partial delivery has been transferred as a goods receipt. Of course, open transactions can also be posted as Completed.