Purchase Invoice

With the desk4 A/P invoice you take over the goods receipt based on the vendor invoice. The A/P invoice prepares the automatic transfer of posting accounts for Financial Accounting. […]

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Incoming Invoice

Receipt entry in desk4 is used to enter invoices that you have received from your vendor. The entry of the incoming document then reflects the amounts of the vendor invoice. Of course, the incoming invoice is transferred from the corresponding goods receipts in desk4. For partial deliveries, you can also transfer several goods receipts in one inbound document. A goods receipt that has been completely transferred is posted as complete and is therefore not part of the open documents in the overview. This means that invoices from the vendor and their goods receipts can always be found in the system without you having to rummage through numerous paper folders. The incoming invoice also serves the exact posting of G/L accounts and values for the preparatory transfer to your tax consultant via DATEV. The complete process is thus GoBD compliant and reproducible as a workflow.