desk4 password management module is currently under development. The administration is aimed at customers who want to manage access data for their customers. Manage access data for homepage, Telekom, DSL, bank data, [...]

As an add-on module, desk4 offers an automatic backup with additional separate cloud storage for your data backup. With the additional option, your desk4 data is backed up once a day. [...]Read [...]

Take your old ERP data with you! In desk4 we have created a great tool for transferring data from your old ERP system. No matter whether you want to transfer customer, supplier or article data, you can import the exported [...]

With the module Periodic Invoice you automate your recurring invoices such as hosting packages, domains, cars, machines, rentals, subscriptions or maintenance contracts and other services. [...]Read [...]

With the desk4 extension module for shopware, we offer a powerful module for online retailers. The synchronization interface desk4 for Shopware connects Shopware online shops with the desk4 merchandise management program. [...]