Instalment Payment

With the desk4 partial invoice, sales orders are calculated in advance as a partial sum to start a service or delivery of goods. The budget billing amount is offset against the final invoice. […]

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Partial Bill

As a rule, partial bills are created in desk4 after the customer has accepted an order, e.g. if services are provided over a long period of time. This reduces the risk of pre-financing an order. Alternatively, you can agree partial acceptance and partial payments as well as down payments or partial bills with your sold-to party. A partial bill is treated like a normal bill, but posted differently after transfer to DATEV. Several partial bills are also deducted in the final bill. For the final bill, the partial payments already invoiced are deducted from the total amount. When the goods are handed over to DATEV, desk4 credits and asserts the value added tax that was charged with the partial bill accordingly. As a result, the remaining sales tax amount must be offset against the final bill via the chart of accounts.