Goods Receipt

With desk4 Goods Receipt you can take over individual items of a purchase order and post them to the stored warehouse. The goods receipt document entered is then the basis for the incoming invoice to be posted. […]

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Copy goods receipt

There are various ways in which you can enter and post goods in your desk4 online retailing system. A prerequisite for goods receipt is that a storage location is assigned to the article. When you transfer a purchase order, the corresponding articles and quantities are displayed in the goods receipt. A previous purchase order is not absolutely necessary, because you can also enter a goods receipt directly. The item quantities posted in the goods receipt are posted to the corresponding warehouse. This means that in desk4 you also have an overview of your goods and warehouse processes for the future. You can also create several goods receipts from one purchase order if you receive your purchase order in partial deliveries. For Purchasing, the incoming document is the control function that the corresponding items of the document were delivered when an incoming invoice was posted.