Delivery Notes

With the desk4 function for delivery notes, customer orders are prepared, compiled and delivered to the customer. With the acceptance of dispatch the customer confirms the receipt of the delivered goods. […]

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Delivery notes

A delivery note created in desk4 accompanies a delivery of goods to your customer. You can create this document manually in desk4 or transfer it from an order. Partial deliveries with corresponding partial delivery notes are also possible here. Essentially, this document lists the quantity and type of items delivered. By printing out the delivery note or packing slip, you and your customer receive a detailed list of the goods and services. The delivery note is enclosed with the goods to be delivered as a consignment note. In online retailing, the receipt can now be created as a PDF and printed or sent by e-mail. Several delivery notes or partial delivery notes can be transferred as invoices or collective invoices in desk4 ERP. In the case of a direct delivery, a signed copy also serves as proof of faultless and handed over goods.