The menu item “Dashboard” is the start page of your Desk4-WaWi, which can be seen by every employee of your Desk4. There you will find an indication of how many open offers, orders, invoices or orders you have. […]

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Dashboard Overview

The desk4 Dashboard is the start page of your online retailing and contains the most important information at a glance. Various information is displayed on your desktop immediately after startup. It shows you the most important and current information about desk4 on one screen. By clicking on the feed, detailed information on the respective article is displayed. You are able to see information on the current figures for “open offers”, “open orders”, “unpaid invoices” and “open orders”. In the following blocks you can jump directly to the current offers or orders. Here, too, you can use the filter function to differentiate between the individual document types from the quotation via delivery note bin to the invoice. A “pinboard” is also available in the dashboard and can be used to display internal information, from company parties to employee birthdays. The pinboard can be maintained by an editor and used like a word processor.