Branches, Agents & Franchise

With the desk4 setting for branches, agents and franchise, you have a control to determine and define articles, prices and customers for the agents or branches. Several shops must also be managed centrally. […]

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desk4 is one of the first German cloud ERP systems that can manage complete control of agents, branches, shops and franchise companies. The central control of one or more shops or several representatives is the focus of desk4. The central database enables the data to be entered in a system that covers all stores or substitutes, thus simplifying daily routine work in stationary stores or the assignment and authorization of substitutes. In desk4, all sales, stock levels and bookings from the different locations converge automatically according to cost centres. Agents or store-driven trading orders can access local and central articles and stocks. Stock transfers can be carried out between the individual warehouses in a store. Of course, the administrator can determine whether central access to customers of the representative or a branch is permitted. This means that the classic representative line can also be displayed, where own prices and selected articles can be assigned to a representative or a store.