desk4 has all business figures of your company in view. With our evaluation you can export reports and key figures for any period and then analyse them. [...]Read [...]

With the desk4 partial invoice, sales orders are calculated in advance as a partial sum to start a service or delivery of goods. The budget billing amount is offset against the final invoice. [...]Read [...]

The desk4 cancellation function corrects or completely cancels invoices already issued. Canceled items are posted back to stock and revenues are adjusted. [...]Read [...]

With the desk4 invoice function you can transfer orders or delivery notes already received directly as invoices. Shop, Amazon or Ebay orders can be handed over directly as invoice. [...]Read [...]

With the desk4 function for delivery notes, customer orders are prepared, compiled and delivered to the customer. With the acceptance of dispatch the customer confirms the receipt of the delivered goods. [...]Read [...]

With desk4 order processing, customer orders are entered from a previous quotation or directly by email as an order. This document is sent to your customer as an order confirmation. [...]Read [...]

With the desk4 function for offers you can quickly and easily create an offer for your customer. In addition to address and items, separators, title texts and subtotals can be included. [...]Read [...]

With the desk4 return, goods that have already been delivered are sent back to your supplier. This process is required when defective or returned items are returned. Here, too, stock levels are corrected. [...]Read [...]

With the desk4 A/P invoice you take over the goods receipt based on the vendor invoice. The A/P invoice prepares the automatic transfer of posting accounts for Financial Accounting. [...]Read [...]

With desk4 Goods Receipt you can take over individual items of a purchase order and post them to the stored warehouse. The goods receipt document entered is then the basis for the incoming invoice to be posted. [...]Read [...]